Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Writing Catchy Songs: Best Guides

Are you a songwriter striving to find inspiration? Maybe you've written some original tunes, but you'd like to produce something more marketable.

To sell more records, you have to write catchy songs - the types of songs that get jammed in people's heads and keep them tapping their feet and singing along. Here are some tips you can apply to write catchier songs:

Keep It Real

Many musicians write about situations and emotions they have experienced personally. It's that potential to relate that sets popular songs apart from mediocre ones. If individuals can take your song and use it to their own lives, you'll have a possible hit on your hands.

Many of us had money problems at some point in life. Others have battled with various addictions. Break-ups, unrequited love, and passion to let go and party are other instances that most people can relate to.

Many of us had money problems at some point in life. Others have struggled with various addictions. Break-ups, unrequited love, and passion to let go and party are other situations that most people can compare to.

Catchy Lyrics

You don't have to be a lyrical genius to write a catchy song. In fact, some of the most popular songs in history have fairly simple lyrics. The key is to use words and phrases many people understand and can relate to.

Rhyming is some other device that can make your songs catchier. Most popular songs contain verses with perfect or imperfect rhymes. Don't be afraid to use a thesaurus to find new words.

Try to avoid using ultra-trendy phrases that you've got soon go out of style. Consider how dated some music appears these days. You want your making to be timeless and not waste away in obscurity until it comes back someday as a cheesy retro tune.

Catchy Music

If you listen to the music in famous songs on how to sing gospel songs, you'll discover a catchy bass line, drum beat, or guitar riff that makes people desire to move along to the music. Catchy music can take a song from good to great.

To write catchy music, you'll need to have an understanding of basic chord progressions and rhythms. If you're beginning from scratch, think about using sound mixing software or self-study manualsto help you learn.

Listen to a few well-written songs in various genres. What prominent about the music? Try to emulate the concepts without directly copying the chords and beats. Take the best parts and use them as inspiration for your own music.

Sing-Along Choruses

The chorus is the element of your song that many people will sing together with. You need to write something so catchy that people will recall it. Make it rhyme if at all possible, and aim for a large target audience.

Write your chorus in a key that most people can sing along with. If the chorus is too high or too low, people will struggle to sing it - or sing it badly.

Make the words and concepts as universal as possible. Don't use excessive profanity, or people may possibly be embarrassed to sing along in public! A good chorus can summarize the song's message in a few catchy lines.

Repetition makes songs remain in people's minds, but it can be overdone. Repeat your chorus several times, but make sure the other verses are distinct enough to make the song fascinating.

Songwriting and how to sing gospel is a procedure, and sometimes it can be tough. Just keep writing down your ideas and listening to good music for inspiration, and soon you'll have a great new song that people will really like to sing along with.

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