Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Yourself Recorded

I'll take a stab in the dark here and say that your ultimate dream is to be recorded. Even just a home recorded demo would be necessary to show your friends and family that you're on your way to fulfilling those dreams.


The technology is available and easy to use. Most computers have good enough power to record and edit audio, and the media we use can switch it easily. If this is your path, either because of a lack of funds or because you're a do-it-yourself, you'll need to have a few things.

1. A Microphone - A simple microphone isn't enough when recording top quality audio. You need a committed input device that dampens background noise. Some microphones come with built in sound dampeners.

2. Software for Recording - The input device only captures the audio. You also need software that will record, assess, and allow you to edit the audio.

3. Recording Space - In conclusion, you need somewhere quiet and private to record. While most recording artists have a sound room in their homes, you do not, and contrary to popular belief, a bathroom is not best. So, find the smallest room you can and minimize any peripheral noise.

Professional Recording Sessions

The other option, which is becoming less common but still carries a great deal of weight, is being professionally recorded. This route calls for that you first find a good producer. A producer will be the medium between you and the recorded audio. He or she will take charge of the equipment and mix your demo.

Be Prepared

Keep something in mind when prepping your demo - recording executives are more fascinated in quality than length. They want to listen to a handful of good songs that show you are a talented writer and artist, not an epic album. The quality of your recording only needs to be sufficient to get your foot in the door.

And fortunately, home recording devices do just that. So, if you're short on money or simply don't want to take care of the hassle of a studio recording, look into a home recording. You'll have a quicker, more personal demo and you'll have far more time and more money to spend writing powerful, evocative songs.

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