Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 5 Mistakes In Songwriting

This article is the great chance for me to give you significant information about the top five songwriting mistakes.

These errors destroy promising careers and are experienced by the best songwriters in the business. Luckily, once you know to watch for them they can be easily corrected.

*Mistake Number 1 - Writing a great opening line should be the important thing you do. There is no guideline that you have to write your song from first line to last line in strict order.

*Mistake Number 2 - Lack of collusion leads to poor songwriting, writer's block, and more.

*Mistake Number 3 - Learn to revise your songs. It is hard to revise your own work. In most cases you will be unfair when you look at your song and may not see major problems.

Let's look at several ways you can influence yourself to look at the song objectively.

First, reread the lyrics you have written for the song. Do not sing the lyrics - reread them out loud. Listen for words or phrases that are redundant and sound out of place. Remove difficult words and phrases.

Secondly, you can change the song's form. After you complete your piece consider adding something extra. A bridge, a pre-chorus, or some other verse might improve the song.

Finally, edit the song. When you edit the song you will improve everything in the song. Many songs are huge hits because they are stripped down to the basics.

*Mistake Number 4- Know when your song is ended. Have you ever heard a song that goes on and on? This can be a song - killer. To avoid this mistake there are a few quick tips to follow after you revise your song.

*Mistake Number 5 - Don't shy away from criticism. A songwriter who avoids sneer is likely to fail. In fact, the best songwriters ask for critics of their work.

Keep in mind, it is very hard to judge your song with an unbiased ear. Make a recording of your work and and get feedback from people who will give you an honest opinion.

When you avoid these five problems and make use of the tips included in this blog you will be on your way to getting to be a songwriting star!

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