Sunday, October 17, 2010

Best Tips For Dealing With Singing Nerves

Each one of us gets worried. No matter what your job is or where your ambitions aim in life, there is something out there that makes you nervous - it's perfectly natural. But, when nerves come into play for a singer, we both know what takes place. You either conquer them and blow away your audience, or you submerge on stage.

For most singers, the mere thought of singing can bring up a raucous, uncontrollable queasiness. But, don't worry - you're not alone. Millions of singers, such as some of the world's most talented have conquered nerves in the past, and the techniques they've used are standing by, waiting for you to use them.

1. Practice in Front of People - Like all things, the easiest way to improve is to practice. In particular, you need to find prospects to perform in front of live people. They don't even have to pay attention to you - simply be in the room.

2. Get a Regular Gig to Minimize the "Shock" - The succeeding step is to find a gig - one where your character, or even a pay check is based on your singing. This might be with a band, or as a lounge singer, or just as community service in a old age home.

3. Look Beyond the Audience - Do not focus on your audience so intensely. There are a million techniques to defer attention from the audience. You can look above their heads, practice with your eyes closed, or even think of them naked.

4. Practice Positive Self Talk - It goes by several names; NLP, self-hypnosis, positive self-talk, meditation. The notion, however, is the same. By focusing on yourself and repeatedly providing positive response, you convince your mind to be more confident.

5. Eat a Healthy Meal - Here's a nice, easy piece of advice that works for anyone. Sit down and eat a good, nutritious meal before you sing. Certain foods, especially whole organic foods, will provide a boost of serotonin to make you happier and more confident. Bananas and other fresh fruits are fantastic for this.

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