Monday, September 6, 2010

How To Learn To Sing Backup Vocals

A lot of old songs have more interesting backup vocals compared to songs that are new today. Listen to songs of Diana Ross and the Jackson 5, you will notice that there are very interesting backup vocals in it that are almost a song when sung alone.

Another interesting backup vocals is the group like the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli. Try to listen to their song and you can hear that there is a different song beneath the melody that these lead singers is singing.

The secret to learning to sing backup vocals is for you to be able to hear the voice in your own head and try not to be distracted by the other melody of the song. It may a take a lot of practice, and you can do this best if you live or get near more often with singers, where you are not singing with anyone but still holding your own. Try finding one or two people, and let the other play the guitar or let's say a pian, this way you can be able to learn to sing backup much more easier. It takes a lot of practice to master backup vocals because it can get confusing sometimes, and being able to backup is a very nice skill. Learning to sing backup vocals is a very challenging task and at the same time a rewarding one.

Below are steps on how to start learning to sing backup vocals:

* First try to synchronize beginnings and endings of words with the lead singer. You should observe proper pronunciation to create a smoother blend. Pick your note from a chord either from a piano or a guitar.

* Observe proper posture, because this will help you control things that are related to notes, including the tone, proper breathing technique, pitches and sound the of the mic.

* Practice singing along with a lead singer (all this in your mind), and take note all the time, so that you can match the impact of the lead singer when backing harmony comes into the picture. This can help you to tune in to the emotion of the lead singer.

* If you are required to sing note within the harmony, sing throughout leading up even if it does not go over the preceding chords.

* Always bear in mind that you are supporting the lead singer. And that you are a supporting instrument. Play with tone and timbre to create the underpinning without trampling all over the lead singer.

With the right tools and technique in learning to sing there is no doubt that you can learn to sing backup vocals fast and easy. Combined with a lot patience, perseverance, determination and your love for music, i'm pretty sure you will make it big in the music industry.

Just follow the steps and techniques given and i am sure that you will learn to sing backup vocals in no time. Have with a lof of patience and determination and you'll go a long way.

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