Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips In Writing Songs Better

Possibly you wrote one great song or maybe you only aspire to put your pen to paper. In each case, the crush of writers prevent and the constant perfectionism that any good musician imbues in his work is having it next to impossibly difficult to get that next song out.

And, unfortunately, there are no easy tips for writing better songs. However, with a little coaching and a close eye for what you do best, we can polish and shine your writing to get the very best out of your pen.

Learning to Think Within

The most significant challenge I see in songwriters that get back is that they're dwelling on everything outside of them. They're taken on the idea of making it big and getting rich. They're worried about anxious band mates. They're fretting about what their family will come up with their songs.

Show Don't Tell

At its core, song writing is poetry, and all good poetry has one thing of the same interests - it shows rather than telling. If you write a lyric just like "She broke my heart and now I'm lost," your listeners will take away only what you say - a bland image without any depth.

Start Writing Every Day

One of the big mistakes for a lot of song writers is that they make note of one verse, pass it along to their friends and family and get distressed if it's not gold. Even the world's best songwriters waste hours and hours working on every single song they write.

Know Your Genre

As a final point, don't be reluctant to do a little research. I'm not saying to duplicate other artists or rewrite old songs, but listen to countless music. The world's most creative song writers all got their stimulation from somewhere.

Song writing is an art form and like all art forms it entails time and practice to master. However, by reaching within yourself and making use the influences you've gathered over time, you should have the ability to tap a much greater source - one that songwriters have been using for centuries.

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